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Crowdfunding Stinks, So We're Doing Something Better!

We have two new books releasing on Halloween this year. First off is the sequel to The Astounding Astro-Fly, a children’s graphic novel with three new outer space adventures and activity pages. Next is the third book in the educational The Adventures of Casey and the Jackelope series. Our villain Titan has become powerful enough to build an army, and now Casey, Jack, and the rest of the Guardians have to stop him.

In the past, we’ve had crowdfunding campaigns for book releases, and while they do okay, some sites can leave readers hanging if we don’t reach a goal, and all of them take too much in fees for them to be worthwhile to us. So, how are we making it better?

On October 1st, we will reveal a special shop on our site just for our two new titles! You will be able to preorder the books, which are already complete, and you’ll also get some amazing bundles that include posters, t-shirts, exclusive prints, and more at shockingly low prices! Quantities for some of our items will be limited, so you’ll have to act quickly.

The special store will be open until October 30, 2019. After that, the two new books go live in our regular store, and our exclusive bundles will no longer be available. Stay tuned, because the preorders go live in just two days! See you then!

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