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As writers and artists, journals and sketchbooks are tools we use daily. When people ask for advice, we always tell them to keep a pocket sized version with them wherever they go. When ideas strike, having a dedicated place to put those ideas is better than making notes in a phone. Your phone notes leave your mind, whereas a journal reminds you what you did simply by having a physical presence. We decided to take our unused artwork and photography and create our own journals and sketchbooks. We even put out the first ever sketch journal, which alternates blank and lined pages for the writer/artists we meet. The idea was so appealing that a year after we launched ours, a major publisher copied it. The difference with ours is that we also include a blank table of contents for organizational purposes. Plus, we have colorful books instead of bland covers, and ours cost half of what the other company charges. Get your creativity flowing, and get a journal, sketchbook, or sketch journal from Bunny 17 Media or at your favorite retailer. If they don’t have our books in stock, ask them to order some for you.

What are you waiting for? Choose yours now!

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