Search for The Book of The Guardians - Ebook

Search for The Book of The Guardians - Ebook


During a failed heist, Casey is certain that she saw some kind of strange animal. She tries to convince herself that she was seeing things, but that's when that very creature shows up in her house. He is a jackelope named Jack Lopez, and he needs Casey's help. Jack is a Guardian, one of many mythical creatures whose job is to protect the world's greatest treasures. Why is he recruiting Casey? Her dad was Jack's partner, and he taught Casey everything he knew.

Together, with the help of other cryptids like a griffin, a yeti, the Chupacabra, and the Loch Ness Monster, Casey and Jack will have to travel around the world to defeat the evil Jersey Devil and find The Book of The Guardians before he does.

Note: This book is designed to be fun and educational. Some words and phrases in the book are underlined. Definitions for those terms will be found in the glossary at the back of the book. The definitions included fit the context of their usage within the book. They also include the page number where the word is found so you won’t lose your place.

The story also uses real researched locations and landmarks around the world.

Fantasy Adventure - 64 pages - All Ages

Written by Kevin Moyers and Casey Sanchez-Moyers

Illustrated by Casey Sanchez-Moyers

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