The Vigilantics

The Vigilantics

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The Vigilantics - PB ISBN 9780578417905, HC ISBN 9781950400089

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A misfit team of superheroes comes together to fight a group of lab created ape-men and discovers a conspiracy that goes back to the 1920s. Can a were-jaguar and her grandmother's ghost, a super strong lawyer, her electrifying wife, a rich kid with a whip, and an indestructible dufus save us from World War III?

The Heroes

Legacy - Maggie Luna is the last descendant of Olmec King Kele, and she has inherited the power of the were-jaguar, the protector of the underworld.

Chirp - Tosha Ramsey is a lawyer who became super strong after an experimental surgery to repair an injury from playing hockey for Harvard.

Fracas - The heart and soul of the group, Harpreet Anand is a successful accountant turned city councilwoman. Though she has no super powers, she is a trained fighter.

Wisecrack - Benjie Zielinski studied biology under his father and lost both of his parents when he was young. He is a self-taught master with a whip who joins the group to have friends.

Train Wreck - Kyle Palmer is the oldest and least educated member of the group. Thanks to an experimental organ transplant when he was a boy, he is completely indestructible.

Superhero / Historical Fiction / Adventure - 202 pages - Young Adult

Written by Kevin Moyers

Cover Art by Kelsi Jo Silva

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